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Gather your friends for beer and pizza night at Joey’s Pizza! While we know that there are many Colorado Springs places you could attend, Joey’s is the perfect place to meet for an after-work get-together.

Hangout with Friends, watch the game, enjoy a basket of garlic knots, big slices of NY pizza, bottles of Laughing Lab or Blue Moon, and play a game of beer bong or darts!

Dart Leagues

Ever wondered where to find a dart league? Well now if your chance to join one of ours, or start your own!

There are different ways to play darts, but the basic premise is you start off with a certain number of points and your goal is to get down to zero. This is where precise aim comes into play: you only have three darts to make that goal, so aim for the middle!

Motivated to learn how to play darts? Join one of our dart leagues or just play a few games when you are here to get started!

Leagues Now Forming

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Darts League At Joey's Pizza

Here are some interesting facts about darts you may not know:

  • The modern version of darts (including the board!) dates back to the beginning of the 19th Century as a pastime for bored soldiers.
  • There are over 100 different professional darts organizations! Two of the most popular is the American Darters Association and the National Darts Association.
  • Dart league rules are mostly standard across the different professional groups, with some variation.
  • All ages can play darts and exercise their math skills!
Darts League At Joey's Pizza

Dart Leagues

Leagues Now Forming

Call to Sign Up Today!

(719) 322-1165

Beer Pong Night At Joey's Pizza


Coming Soon

Beer pong is a fun drinking game that is a simple game that players can build on with complex rules and regulations. The simplest game of beer bong is between two teams of two that take turns trying to get a ping pong pall into many different cups of beer. If the ball lands in the other team’s cup, you score a point and they have to drink!

Beer pong rules vary depending on who is playing and which rules they want to follow, so for beginners, it can be a little challenging to understand all of the rules at once. For veteran beer pong players, it’s just a matter of figuring out who is in charge of the rules!

Need a venue that includes food, beer, and games? Or maybe you just want food and games because it’s your night to entertain the kids, but you want to have a good time too? Maybe you want to learn how to play beer pong your buddy’s way, or participate in a game of dart wars?

If the answer to any of these questions is definitely, then come on over to Joey’s Pizza! We have beer pong, dart games, hot pizza and crisp, cold beer.

Need more convincing that Joey’s Pizza is a destination for games, all kinds of food and the best beer in Colorado Springs?  Give us a call to talk to one of our pizza experts, who are delighted to help you in any way they can!